Justification Toolkit

I like/want this, says your primary contact. But, I am not sure my boss/coworker/CEO, etc will go for it. Let’s help them get the other stakeholders and the ultimate [...]

Justification Toolkit2018-10-13T12:41:56-05:00

Buyer’s Guide | NWFC™

For those prospects who are considering a hotline for the first time, or are only aware of the traditional/basic telephone hotline or webform solutions. This document includes mention of [...]

Buyer’s Guide | NWFC™2019-07-11T07:43:44-05:00

Ideal Customer Criteria (important update pending)

An excellent resource for the the buyer qualification process, this describes those clients who have the greatest need, and will benefit most, from NWFC™. Chances are that if they [...]

Ideal Customer Criteria (important update pending)2019-07-11T07:47:42-05:00

NWFC™ Implementation Schedule

A draft schedule for the roll out our solution in partnership with the client. Good for early stage discussions, after qualification. Download (PDF)

NWFC™ Implementation Schedule2018-10-13T12:43:29-05:00

Implementation Customization Checklist

A useful checklist for those items that can/will be customized in the app and dashboard for each client. Think logos, menu text, reference links, etc Download (PDF) [...]

Implementation Customization Checklist2018-10-13T12:43:52-05:00

Implementation Checklist

A detailed checklist of those tasks, sometimes overlooked, that make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly. Download (PDF)

Implementation Checklist2018-10-13T12:44:16-05:00

Launch Overview

Provided at customer launch, this is a reference sheet for key details on phone numbers, website address, help desk information, etc. Download (PDF)

Launch Overview2018-10-13T12:44:39-05:00