NWFC™ | Ethics Solution Overview

Ah, the ubiquitous and necessary one-pager. Tailored for Ethics Hotline buyers. Download (PDF)

NWFC™ | Ethics Solution Overview2019-05-22T07:43:04-05:00

NWFC™ | Solution Overview for HR Professionals

A version of the NWFC™ solution overview for HR professionals. The message here is about our mission to improve workplace communication. While the focus remains on how we can [...]

NWFC™ | Solution Overview for HR Professionals2019-07-11T08:15:20-05:00

Workplace Risk Intelligence Overview

Workplace Risk Intelligence | Our optic on how NWFC™ can help reduce insurance claims and costs; an overview for InsurTech/RiskTech partners and clients. Download (PDF) [...]

Workplace Risk Intelligence Overview2019-07-11T07:46:27-05:00

Customer Qualification Calls

Qualify, early and often. Included is an agenda for the qualification call, question sets and background on the "why and how" of lead qualification conversations. Download (PDF) [...]

Customer Qualification Calls2019-07-27T15:18:12-05:00

Demo Deck | NWFC™ for Ethics & Compliance

Our regularly updated sales/demo deck. For presentation purposes only. Please do not download and share or share in hard copy with third parties without prior training and written consent [...]

Demo Deck | NWFC™ for Ethics & Compliance2019-07-27T13:04:28-05:00

Justification Toolkit

I like/want this, says your primary contact. But, I am not sure my boss/coworker/CEO, etc will go for it. Let’s help them get the other stakeholders and the ultimate [...]

Justification Toolkit2018-10-13T12:41:56-05:00

Buyer’s Guide | NWFC™

For those prospects who are considering a hotline for the first time, or are only aware of the traditional/basic telephone hotline or webform solutions. This document includes mention of [...]

Buyer’s Guide | NWFC™2019-07-11T07:43:44-05:00

Ideal Customer Criteria (important update pending)

An excellent resource for the the buyer qualification process, this describes those clients who have the greatest need, and will benefit most, from NWFC™. Chances are that if they [...]

Ideal Customer Criteria (important update pending)2019-07-11T07:47:42-05:00